Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Dog Years

I received terrible news Friday night from my sister; a highly loved and esteemed aunt in my family was suddenly stricken very ill.

She is the oldest sister of my mother who recently passed away. Our coping with life in my mother's absence was only now beginning to approach something resembling normalcy. This new tragedy refreshed my sorrows and weighed heavy on my mind over the night and throughout most of the day Saturday. It was only late in the afternoon that Kelly was able to roust me up and out.

We took a short drive past some fresh-cut, rolling farmland in Granby... the relatively close-by, greener Dufresne Park. Kelly had heard there was a dog park there where we could let our little four legged critter run free, and a playground where we could let our little two legged critter run free.

The dog was going bonkers as soon as we pulled into the park, which for some reason was crowded with RV's and pitched tents. The dog's excitement continued to ratchet upwards as we searched for a spot in the crowded parking area and we soon saw why; everybody there seemed to have a dog with them.

We had stumbled upon the LEAP Agility Club's weekend-long dog trials. It looked like they were done for the day when we arrived, but a member informed us that there were plenty of events going on Sunday and Monday, and to come on by.

We circled around the pond and headed for the fenced in dog park section Kelly had heard about. It was an adequately sized, fully fenced bit of land, where we were able to safely unleash the canine and let him run to his heart's content. His energy levels were so peaked that another lady's dog, who was already there, couldn't help but be swept up in the fervor and engage in like behavior...

...soon enough yet another mammal in the fenced in area caught the high-energy bug.

After a good jaunt in the increasingly humid twilight, the dog was finally spent and panting, with the other dog and Kelly in a similar way. It was the bloggerette's turn for fun and we made our way back to the playground.

Dufresne Park has a very new, very well designed children's play scape. All kinds of interestingly and ingeniously designed structures and obstacles are set up, with some of them challenging enough that an adult can't help but give a try.

Things that slide, things that spin, things that bounce and things that spring.

Not really in the mood for fun, I was content to hang back on a bench and watch woman, dog and baby.

Sitting there with half my mind on them, the other half drifted off with memories of my childhood, my family, my mother. How my aunt and her family had touched our lives through the years. How I had selfishly and ignorantly grown out of touch with them and with others, how there's never enough time to reunite and regain what is lost. How there's never enough time for everything.

We're all here and gone in the blink of an eye.

I wish I had understood that earlier.


Eric said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sad news, Tony. I recently lost an aunt with whom I was close as a child, and feel the same about losing touch and missing opportunities.

Mary E.Carey said...

Sorry to hear of your aunt -- and I didn't realize you had recently lost your mom. I know that feeling you describe. When my aunt died I felt the same way about not having appreciated her more. I often feel sad that I can't relive the years when my daughter was little and my relatives healthy. Looking at your beautiful pics of the bloggerette I feel like I recapture something though.

Tony said...

Thanks you guys, very sweet of you.

Anonymous said...

Tony & family. So sorry to hear of all the recent tragic news. Stay strong and give lots of daily Hugs. You just never know. L. said...

Thank you Tony for your thoughts and compassion..

Anonymous said...

im sorry about your aunt, tony.

ive been a long time follower in the valley, but first time commenter. i feel that i must say though, that i wish you would post more often, like you used too.

Anonymous said...

"We're all here and gone in the blink of an eye.I wish I had understood that earlier." I'm so very sorry to read about the passing of your mother and now of your ill aunt. I wish you well..