Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain Event

We took advantage of a temporary let-up in the rain Saturday to check out the nearby Granby Charter Days fair, going on all weekend.

We're suckers for these country bumpkin events, and modern as the modern age may be, I still find watching heavy work done via brute strength a fascinating sight.

Beast compared to Machine is usually part of the fare at these fairs, and Granby has their own oxen pulls like many others.

It's a tradition going from way back...

What exactly they compete for I'm not sure, besides ribbons and bragging rights. Maybe it's just the upholding the tradition and passing it on that keeps it going. Maybe a combination of all three.

But one thing is for sure, they bring their best competitors to the fight.

Here's a short motion-view of the proceedings:

We got our fill of that before setting out for other sections of the fair, spread out around the grounds of Dufresne Park. The visitor count was sparse, with only some die-hard fair goers venturing out in the afternoon rain.

But the fair exhibits were all in effect, and what small crowd there was mostly centered on the small petting zoo section, with lots of cute, cuddly and not so cute and cuddly petting specimens were found.

From there, it was 'round the park's freshly fishing derby'd pond...

...and to the main fairway. Where umbrellas were propped up everywhere.

All the usual spinning, tumbling, rocking and bobbing rides were available and waiting, including some old classics...

...but not too many takers this afternoon. Idle ride attendants gazed wistfully into the horizon.

While at the games trailers bored carnies had taken to wrangling amongst themselves.

Hopefully Sunday will bring back better weather and more teaming crowds. The culprit rain was now picking up again and we began heading back, making a quick stop at Ludlow's Lupa Zoo (a loooong overdue blog post, btw) tent. Some interesting critters were there, including a massive scorpion, a healthy sized chameleon, and this guy.

Hedgehogs are pretty cute, and if there's any truth in video gaming, fast as the devil.

The increasingly familiar, joking jargon of B'wana Jim began blaring over the speakers nearby, and rain or not we had to check out one of his hilarious and informative animal shows.

We've run into his exhibits more than once on the fair circuit, and it's always an entertaining sight.

Time to go? Wait, Kelly hears the clicking of a gambling wheel. She needs her fix. For charity, ahem, of course.

Ok, NOW it's time to go...

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