Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two Hours To Sunset


Anonymous said...

First, the blog site is excellent. It has re-connected me with the area and we have visited many of the sites, some for the first time. Both my daughters went to school in Colorado and when I found your website a few years ago I emailed the link to them so they could get a little bit of home whenever they needed it.

My only concern is what good is it going to do your daughter if both or one of her parents takes a tumble off their bike and hits the pavement without any head protection. I know bike helmets don't look cool, and I look like the ultimate geek when I'm wearing mine, but one look into your daughter's eyes should be enough to overcome what ever reservations you have about wearing a helmet.

Anyways, that's my rant. Keep up the excellent work.

Tony said...

Thank you, I'm glad you,re enjoying the site and thanks for sending the link!

You're absolutely right; it is safer to wear a helmet, and I would never recommend not wearing one. When I was younger and doing more risky mountain biking, I always wore one. Also I'm a big supporter of motorcycle helmet use and think the people in Connecticut are out of their minds. That being said, Kelly and I have weighed the safety risks against the 'wind in our hair' freedom, and opted to go without the helmets on our little rail-trail rides; though for a lot of city or busy road riding we would reconsider. Again, that's just our decision and we totally support the use of bike helmets if you're comfortable with it, there's definitly nothing geeky about it.

Thanks again for reading and thank you for the concern! (hope I didn't just jinx myself with this reply..!)