Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Flying Things

We swung into the meadows near Northampton late Saturday as the sun was dropping low. We'll swing in here whenever we're in the area at the right time; just because it's a good place to get some good looks at the Holyoke range,

...the late summer grasses in the setting sun,

...and sometimes the rising moon.

And on this particular afternoon, also the many small planes taking off and landing right nearby at Northampton Airport.

We often catch one or two coming or going when we're here.

But the small field was particularly busy at this hour, on this day.

No sooner had one revved up and lifted off,

...when another was coming in.

We counted five or six in the space of a half hour.

The busiest we had ever seen it. Must be the perfect weather bringing out all the pilots and their magnificent flying machines.

A speedier mode of travel...

...can hardly be imagined.


LesleyLambert said...

Loved the photos! I guess the plane activity could be attributed to "nearby" Simsbury Airport's Annual Fly in today. It is the largest in New England and something very special. I bet the weather helped!

Tony said...

Aaah, thanks for the tip, Lesley!