Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ashuwillticook, Pronounced Ashuwillticook

Finding time to sit down and blog is getting tougher these days. Making time to get out and maybe photograph bloggable stuff is another matter. We went up and over the Berkshires recently and took a bicycle spin on the ol' Ashuwillticook trail in Pittsfield, hoping for an advance screening of autumn color.

Unfortunately the colors weren't any more enthusiastic out there than they are right here in the valley. So there's nothing to do but wait. And attend harvest festivals, like the one we stumbled upon alongside the trail. A pumpkin festival to be more precise.

For a small farm-stand area that they were using, they packed in a lot of fest. Pony rides for the kids, games and hayrides for kids and adults, slides, corn mazes, haunted ships..., music and of course...


Lots and lots of pumpkins. I mean a lot of pumpkins.

What's more October? Except running eerily alongside all the festivity was a darker theme...a certain, sinister, Halloweeniness....

...ehhh, maybe not so sinister.

We hung out for a bit and got our fill of Pittsfield pumpkin fun before heading back to the bikes. But now short on time, sunlight, and baby patience, we didn't get the whole trail-length in this time around.

We went a little further on before it was back to the car under lengthening shadows. Though this visit was short and a little early for brilliant foliage, there was still plenty of nature to gaze at on the trail. The Berkshires are rarely a wasted trip.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photo's Tony. Haven't seen the Dog in any Photos lately? Leaving him home? Only 96* here today! But days are getting shorter.

Anonymous said...

I need the adress for this place please. I went last year but don't remember hot to get there...My kids really loved the place!