Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yellow Things

Tuesday I was thinking about a little 'color awareness' exercise that I had learned about, some time ago: Pick one basic color, like green, or blue, or orange, etc. Now, from where you are standing or sitting, look around and pick out everything of that one color that you can. (shade isn't important). It will become clear just how abundant that particular color is.

I was looking at some yellow things, when I noticed a bright yellow utility access cap on the ground. But looking closer, I then noticed a Dandelion, the first I've seen this year.

Almost missed it.

Another yellow thing I noticed, but less welcome, were these guys.

Yellow Jackets. The bane of the HVAC technician. They love to hide out in rooftop units. And few things will make you jump back in terror, flailing arms and legs, quicker, than to see a dozen of them suddenly burst out of some nook or cranny on the unit your working on, inches from your face. The bees I saw today weren't particularly active though. They would lay very low to the metal cabinet of the unit. Occasionally they'd jump up for a short flight, then land and lay low again. Perhaps it's still too cold for them, and they were absorbing some heat from the sun baked metal. Or perhaps they just emerged from their winter hideouts, and are weak from months of inactivity. Either way, I gave them a wide berth.

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