Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea'd Off

My compatriot Radar Check called me from downtown Springfield wednesday afternoon, and informed me of a blogging situation down at the post office. Namely, Springfield's installment of the nation-wide T.E.A. Party.

I got there as soon as I could, and caught the last half hour of the tax protest. The three major news outlets were on the scene, and cars where honking in support of the several hundred sign-laden protestors lining the entire front side of the huge downtown post office building.

The newscasters were busy interviewing people or doing live casts, and the sounds of 18th century flute music filled the air...

Lipton tea bags were the fashion accessory of choice.

Some of the signs being carried were creative to varying degrees...

Others were more to the point.

A crowd gathered around a man with a bullhorn, who was speaking to their fears and concerns about just who is going to pay back the trillions of dollars lost.

Trillions. However one feels about what is happening with the economy, or who's fault it is and what to do about it; there's no denying that the numbers involved are huge, almost beyond imagination..., many fear, might be the consequences....


Elizabeth said...

I think the majority of these folks are bandwagon-jumpers, spurred on by Fox news. The folks who started the 'movement' are Libertarians, who would rather have no goverment (apparently).

These same folks who protest taxation would scream bloody murder if suddenly they had no roads, schools, fire or police protection, etc.

The problem isn't taxes. It's what's done with that tax money. Other countries (such as Canada) pay much higher taxes than we do, but they get healthcare and other services in the bargain.

Instead of grandstanding for the press, these people really should be writing to their congress critters, and working for change. But it's much easier to just complain. ;)

VanDog said...

I hear tea sales are way up the past week. Maybe the government should start taxing it to raise money.

Anonymous said...

To Elizabeth:

I was at the teaparty downtown. As you have suggested, I have written to my Congressmen, I have put forth petitions with signatures, and I have gone door-to-door to educate people in my community. But when the powers-that-be in the State House, or even the City Hall, ignore any and all rational comments for fear of angering labor unions or reducing the number of sweetheart jobs going to their friends, then no change is possible. Therefore, the only way to gain attention to the issue is to take to the streets in protest. Which, unlike other protesters, was very peaceful and responsible.

How about taking your own advice and educating yourself on how your tax dollars are wasted on the Federal, state, and local level? Oh, but then, it's much easier to complain about teaparties on an anonymous internet message board, right?

- rockermom

LarryK4 said...

Let's here it for good old fashioned pitchforks and torches.

Storm the castle!