Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wet, Yes. Undaunted, Yes.

A rainy Saturday drive over Mount Tom into Easthampton brought on a craving for some woodsy trekking at good ol' Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, even if it's a wet trek.

Ok, I get it. Summer's over.

Whatever the wintry half of the year wants to throw our way, so be it...

A big broad golf umbrella kept in the car provides shelter enough during the heavy spurts of rain that were coming down, and interchanging with light drizzle every few minutes.

Never really getting dry, but often subsided enough to fold the umbrella back up for a few minutes for a better look around, and easier maneuvering into the woods.

One advantage about the leave-less-ness of the trees is that you can more easily see what wildlife there is still stirring above. It was easy to follow the knocking sound to this red bellied woodpecker.

Most of the birds, (robins mainly, with a few blue jays and chickadees) were hanging out and chirping away lively enough, in couples and groups in their variously picked trees; while out in the nearby meadow there wasn't as much going on at all...

Then back into the woods again, looking for any stirrings by the river; but by now the rain was falling steady and heavy, and the semi-enclosed bird blind up ahead was looking pretty inviting.

The quiet seclusion of the bird blind has been attracting visitors with other interests besides natural wildlife viewing. I can see the blind being an attractive late night hangout spot for some so-motivated youth; but it wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't always a vandal or two in the mix.

I hope this isn't the beginning of a trend; it'd be a real shame if they had to shut the blind down...

Speaking of wild youth, this young hawk nearby was looking a little ruffled with the rain, but still wary.

Not a moment to spare when on the lookout for food. Winter's coming fast and the easy living is pretty much over.

A lesson to leave Arcadia with...

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