Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turtle Rescue!

The bittersweet travails of turtle rescue.


Anonymous said...

This was almost too cruel to watch. First the poor turtle struggles in the kiddie play pool then the dogs comes up at it then it's tail is touched... then for the grand finale it is let go near yet another road. I enjoy your pictures and blog but I have to give this latest one two thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Well *this* anonymous thinks you did a great job with the wayward critter. You (and the dog, and the child) were all very gentle with it. That sweet li'l' baby who didn't want to see it go has obviously absorbed your sensitivity to nature. Her cries and protestations over the turtle's departure melt my heart! SWEET BABY!

Just stumbled onto your blog when doing a search for the Oxbow. I went to college in Mass. Your pictures capture so well the atmosphere of those green woods (I'm a lifelong Californian, and it's mostly scrub and sage out here...) that made such an impression on me. Woo, rush of feelings & bits of memories and images. Nice!