Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After The Storm

Some pics and a short compilation video of the scene just a few hours after a tornado tore through Springfield's south end.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony. That is remarkable footage. It has an eerie feel with the background alarms and sirens going off. I was up State at MM and the view was frightening. Many friends live by Cathedral/Island Pond/Plumtree and have lost everything. I hope rebuilding helps heal the wounds and removes the scars.


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

I must commend you for your excellence in capturing and documenting the post-tornado devastation. Your images leave a certain looming and unwelcoming sense of fear and dread. I stood in the same spot, with different images in camera, after you, but you accessed
a part of Main st that was shut off by the time I arrived. Great work Tony!

Theresa said...

Wow, these photographs make my heart ache. Tony, your skills at capturing the emotion in a scene are a testament to your amazing talent behind that lens!