Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chance of Flurries

Doppler radars, Satellite pictures, Supercomputer Weather Tracking Models. 24/7 weather channels.
All for naught. The weather man of 1977 is still as good (or as bad) as the weather man of 2007.

The crimson sunrise Tuesday morning reminded me of that old adage: Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

The trees should have taken warning, as a lot of them got caught with their leaves exposed to the snow. An eager winter ambushed a lazy autumn with a sneak attack this year.

By eight o'clock in the morning it was obvious it was going to be a messy day.

Murphy's law was in this guy's engine today. Worst possible place and time for a break down, if there ever is a good time for it.

The sticky heavy snow put a white cap on the Basketball Hall Of Fame.

Blogger Bill Dusty was there for some coverage of Rock 102's 'Mayflower Marathon' this afternoon.

In the end, we only got an accumulation of an inch or so. One good thing about it though; It isn't going to freeze too badly into frozen perma-muck. It was just warm enough to produce a misty fog outside as night fell.

Thankfully, it's supposed to stay above freezing for a few more days.

That's according to the weathermen, of course...

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