Friday, November 2, 2007

How Pedestrian

My work took me up through Northampton and Amherst today.

Blogger country.

It took a long time for the foliage to change this year.

It seems the colors are deciding to make up for it by staying a while.

There's still plenty of hangers-ons as bright as peak, and some just starting to change.

I was in Northampton at lunch-time, and decided on a slice of heartburn. I parked myself next to some samurai, and people-watched with them while I munched.

Don't know why, but I thought a video of the intersection was in order.
I waited for the familiar "Cuckoo" buzzer, and lit em' up:

When pedestrians ruled the Earth...

Later on I was in Amherst and was heading home when the sun was setting.

Prime photo time.

I'm pretty sure these clouds are part of Hurricane Noel. Right now it's cruising by, out in the Atlantic just off the coast. It ravaged the Bahamas before heading up here. Fortunately all we're getting out of it is some wet weather tomorrow...

...and some great sunset-cloud formations today.

These particular clouds didn't go unnoticed to the keen eyes of Blogger Mary Carey and her Brian, and she put her camera to work right about the same time:


Mary E.Carey said...

Right you are and I was thinking of you while I was taking pictures of clouds.

Tony said...

nature's canvas...