Monday, November 12, 2007


Slate-gray stratus clouds hung over Springfield almost all day today.

It's not here yet (officially), but it felt a lot like winter today. The cold, blah, winter. The bad winter. Not the magical, snowy, winter-wonderland winter.

Not much to see up there, I stop thinking about the bad side of winter, and focus my attention on the surface. Literally.

Improvements to Springfield's Main St. continue.
They were putting in new crosswalks today.

I noticed that they were using a relatively new technique, I believe it's called 'StreetPrint'.

First they heat up the pavement, then they pound down an imprint with templates of what ever shape or pattern is needed. Then peel out the templates, and fill in the grooves with a heated thermoplastic coloring, that fuses with the pavement.

It gives it a layed-brick effect.

Here's a couple machines they were using. I think the big one heats the pavement, and the small red one pats down the templates.

The imprints should make it easy to plow over. Dang, thinking about it again...

At least I have a couple pics of the nice day and walk we took yesterday, through Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, to cheer me up.

We saw a couple Downy Woodpeckers, and I believe a couple of Wood ducks along with a large group of Mallards. Arcadia rarely dissappoints if your patient, and keep your eyes and ears open.

Come to think of it, the drive up wasn't bad, either.

Oh yeah, that's why I love it here.

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