Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Log Jam

What a difference a storm makes. Today was darn near perfect, weather-wise.

Not so perfect, traffic-wise. This tractor trailer caught fire on the Mass Pike, right before exit 7...

Bringing east-bound traffic to a DEAD STOP.

When I was heading back the other way, over an hour later, traffic was still backed up on the Pike, to the Chicopee exit; a distance of about 6 miles. It would have gone on farther, but everyone was getting off at Chicopee, bringing all the side roads going east to a similar, miles long, parking lot.

About an hour after that, going west down Rte. 291, I saw these unlucky souls, trying to avoid the Pike, or just innocently trying to make their way east.

It was backed up all the way to the 91 exits, about 4 miles. I think that's the farthest I've ever seen traffic backed up on Rte. 291.

It's amazing what one road block, in one direction, can cause in a matter of an hour. Imagine if there was some kind of mass emergency evacuation. We'd all be dead meat.

So far, I was lucky enough to only observe the log jams and catch glimpses of sweating, angry faces, as I briskly and happily cruised in opposite directions. But that came to a grinding halt as I got on I-91 south.

Grrr. Motorcycles and scooters, people. Motorcycles and scooters...

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VanDog said...

Hey, great coverage of the turnpike fire.

Your right Tony, All these truck accidents show how fragile, and over burdened our local transportation system is.

I think expectations of personal transportation will be corrected by the price of gas. I've driven nothing but little hatchbacks since 1990 :)