Sunday, June 8, 2008

'Summertime', And The Livin's Easy

The broiling continues into Sunday. I was out in it most of the day working, but Kelly, the kid, and the dog, other than a brief foray to the store, were huddled indoors most of the day. It was late afternoon when I rounded them up, and donning tank tops and shorts, we took a deep breath and plunged outside into the tropical heat. Once we got moving, it was a relatively refreshing drive, with the wind blowing around us. We headed for a walk at the 'dog park' in Northampton.

As soon as we stopped and got out of the car we were enveloped again by the muggy, now mosquito infested, air. I grabbed a can of 'Off' in case the bugs got too intense, and we set out on the mostly shady trail.

The heat slowed a lot of the dogs' rambunctiousness just a bit, but not much.

The trail is pock-marked with little two inch burrows, that must form a network all under the trail. It must be nice and cool down there.

Part of the trail runs along the Mill River, which is running very low right now, but still deep enough for dog and man to get a refreshing splash-about.

I came very close to jumping in myself.

As uncomfortable as the weather is, walking along I couldn't help but savor the sounds and smells of the woods, as I swatted away bugs and pulled my shirt away from sticking to me. Life abounds now, the heat is good.

Even though this is the hottest and stickiest of New England conditions, I'll still take it over any day in January. The kid must think I'm crazy. He just hasn't seen enough winters yet.

We stopped in Northampton on the way back for some refreshing ice coffees, and watched people in the people park. Here's a summer scene:

They're saying at least one more day of this inferno, and Monday probably the hottest.

It's tough to endure, easy to get irritable, and nice to have again.

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