Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Squall Line

Just as I was hitting 'Publish' on the last post, I noticed the trees in my back yard were being whipped into a frenzy by strong winds. Clicking the weather channel showed a menacing line of red coming through fast.

It came barreling in, so fast and strong I wondered if there was a chance that a tornado could develop. Here it is billowing through at ground level.

Suddenly, like a valve being turned off, the rain and wind unexpectedly stopped. The humidity seemed to take a sudden nose-dive too. Immediately we could hear fire truck sirens in the distance, and they were coming our way. I followed the trucks a block over, in the now sprinkling rain, nervously glancing up with every flash of lightning. Either the spectacular lightning cracking overhead, or the strong wind gusts, had brought down part of a tree nearby, onto some power lines.

Hopefully: a. they won't have to kill the power to the neighborhood, when they remove that fallen tree. And b. this is the long awaited weather front that's supposed to deliver us from the tyranny of high humidity that we've been toiling under.

It raining steadily now...

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