Saturday, October 11, 2008

Toppermost Of The Poppermost

One good result of the credit/financial crunch is that there's less money (real or imagined) available for the fuel suppliers to relieve us of, bringing gas prices down to the 3-dollar neighborhood.

That saved me a few bucks Saturday, as we blissfully burned through several gallons heading up to Mt. Sugarloaf. I wanted Kelly and the kid to have a look at the movie set they've built up there before they tear it down, now that filming in this area is over...

The ride up, of course, was New England goodness; with the colors really starting to pop now and autumn scenes abounding.

Here's a quick scan of the colors offered up by a nondescript field by the side of the road, on our way up:

We arrived at the bottom of Sugarloaf, where there was a mass of trucks packed up, or getting that way. A lot of stuff has already apparently been removed from the top of the hill.

But there is a lot left up there. Wires were still stretched everywhere, along with lights, generators, cranes, booms, and other Hollywood magic-making instruments.

Some things were draped in army camouflage. I'm not sure if it was for a scene, as some other odd movie making stuff was similarly camouflaged.

Tour guide vans were continuously rolling up and down the hill. I've never seen that up here before, it must have something to do with the draw of the movie set.

This guy biked up the hill. If you've ever been up that hill and know how steep it is, you'll understand what an achievement that is.

The set itself, "Northmoor" as I've heard it's called in the movie, looks to still be pretty much intact.

Obviously the exterior of the set is not intended to look wholly like a real house or any other structure, but is probably mainly for interior shots, with the scenic background.

Of course, it would be complete lunacy to go up Sugarloaf and not bring back a couple pics of the countryside...

The sun she setting. Time to head back.


Mary E.Carey said...

Wow, I hadn't seen the extent of the construction up there. I didn't realize filming was over. That was fast. I also didn't realize there were tourist buses around here. I'm curious about those.

Tony said...

Kelly heard the driver telling the people in the van somthing about Mike's Maze and McCray's farm. I still suspect it has something to do with the movie because I've never seen tour buses around here either...maybe the movie crew's family and friends are touring the area while they're filming..?