Monday, October 27, 2008

Expressions In Gourd

After the Glendale Falls visit, we left the grazing animals and roaring streams of the Berkshire hills behind us, and slipped back down into the lower elevations of the valley in search of pumpkins. After a quick pit stop in Northampton for a slice of pizza, we struck north on Route 47 along the river plains and farm country of Hadley.

We didn't have to go too far before we saw a big farm stand that would suit the purpose: the North Hadley Sugar Shack; or the Boisvert Farm Stand, to be more seasonally correct.

It's a good sized farm stand. I've noticed it many times before when we passed by, with it's old fashioned wooden farm sleds sitting out front by the road.

They appear to do a little of everything here, with a tobacco shed alongside the produce barn alongside the sugar shack.

They've also got a small 'Animal Village' out back for the customers' perusal, which apparently is really a pen with some cute goats, and a couple of charming pigs.

The harvest is definitely in, and in color.

We made our selections and zoomed back home with visions of messy carvings and handfuls of cold pumpkin-guts, dancing in our heads.

The dirty work commenced as soon as we got home. We're getting good at this, and in no time our designs were displayed out on the front steps, aglow from within with candlelight.

Kelly loves getting complicated with her carvings and cranked out another intricate image. I went with my hero's logo, for it's simplicity and just plain coolness. Chris produced another semi-abstract piece.

Away with ye, evil spirits...

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