Thursday, October 2, 2008

High And Holy

Happy October...

So far, the leaf color changes appear to be right on track this year, with many already transforming.

Last year's peak display arrived a couple weeks late, then stayed for a prolonged time, into November, if I remember right.

There's word that a new tree disease that's spreading from Connecticut might dampen the color of Sugar Maples and some other trees this season, burning out and dropping leaves before they can exhibit their blazing reds. If so, it doesn't appear to have taken hold here yet...

Clouds and Sky: nature's canvas.

Passing the town hall in Springfield on Tuesday, there was something going on: Channel 22 News, a podium, and a score of kids bearing Italian flags and umbrellas were assembled on the city hall steps. I couldn't stop to investigate, and counted on a quick google search of the Internet and Channel 22's website for info on it, but to no avail.

In a different section of town, It looks like some work is being done to the facade at the Sacred Heart Church.

Sometimes it's hard to gauge how large or tall a building really is until someone is right next to it for scale.

Amazing how much work and effort has gone into the building of some of the more beautiful churches in our area. They're tributes to the wealth and devotion of the congregations that they were built for.

Speaking of congregations, many have been forming outside Mercy Hospital to witness what some consider a sort of miracle. Local Buzz has their own take on the spectacle...

Another golden sunset guided me home Thursday.

They're predicting some cold nights ahead, maybe in the thirties...

October's not wasting any time.

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KBrady said...

Oh, how I miss the colors of New England! Here in Sacramento we are starting to see the very beginnings of Fall's colors...muted yellow, oranges and reds. It will evolve into a beautiful tapestry eventually.

Thanks for the glimpse of Autumn's beauty, the way I remember it.