Sunday, December 28, 2008


The big move and all it's associated craziness continues. It feels like it's been non-stop for a couple of weeks now, sucking up every minute of free time. But it was so warm Sunday we decided we'd better take an outdoor break, for sanity's sake. To the Norwottuck trail; specifically, the Amherst wetlands end...

There wasn't much for sun out, but the warm temps were steaming up the snow from the double-storm last weekend nicely.

Going over the Notch we considered a quick hike up Bare Mountain, but decided it was a little too late in the afternoon for that. This guy was emerging from that trail in full battle gear as we passed.

We're not to sure how well Kelly would fare on a steep uphill hike right now anyway, being in her current 'condition'...

Getting into Amherst, there were several bikers and runners out on the roads, shaking off their own cabin fevers, and reinforcing the spring-like feel of the day.

The trail itself was walkable but pretty slippery along the middle in most parts, since the state doesn't plow it during the winter.

The whole walk was very silent as far as wildlife was concerned, with hardly a peep from any birds.

It was unusually still, but still beautiful.

We carefully made our way along and took a quick detour down a side trail into the Brickyard Conservation Area. It got pretty muddy but we pressed on, in the hopes of seeing some kind of wildlife enjoying the warm day.

Although the birds were quiet, there was plenty of evidence of other wildlife; with rabbit tracks in the melting snow, other animal trails through thickets and brush, and some fresh beaver work.

Since the conservation area was so mucky and light on visible wildlife, it wasn't long before I had a mutiny on my hands, and was forced to cut the detour short and turn back.

Back out on the trail, it was getting more and more populated, with a runner braving the slippery path, some walkers, and even a couple of intrepid bikers.

Unfortunately, it was time to head back. It was good to get out and stretch the legs again though. We left refreshed and ready to continue our battles back home, with the monsters of relocation...


Mary E.Carey said...

We must have almost crossed paths again! Brian and I went for a short run on the trail but didn't get as far as the brickyard or pond.

Tony said...

one of these days...

Tony Q said...

Tony, I was just enformed of your blog. I had no idea you were such an out doorsman.
I bet theres alot about you I don't know.

I hope you, your sister and Dad are doing as well as can be. I prayers are with you guys.

Tony Q