Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Have Your Say


Anonymous said...

the single thing that is going to keep me from voting for scott brown is the never ending phone calls 12-14-16 a day is overkill so even if I were going to vote for him I definately won't now!!!!!

D.O. said...

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown - the Torture Guy:

chris said...

that fact that scott brown won in one of the bluesest states in america is encouraging to me. it means that people are finally waking up to the obama amdinistration and its reckless spending. you said that private insurances companies "...continue robbing you blind and then denying you coverage when you're ill...", but you overlook the cons of a national insurance company. if the goverment nationalizes it, how much do you think will get stolen out of it? how smoothly do you honestly think it would run? just look at how much money got stolen out of that stimulus bill. if you honestly believe that nationalizing healthcare is a good idea, you are a fool. however, that is a differant issue.

anyways, im glad that brown beat that kennedy-clone coakley.

if you wish to pursue this arguement, heres my email adderess:


D.O. said...

I notice that "chris" didn't address Brown's support for torture. Be that as it may, he seems to have the psychic gift of precognition telling him how a government run health plan would be corrupted, say like Medicaid? Social Security?

chris said...


first off, i would like to apologize for the harsh tone my previous letter set. this is a civil argument and i dont want it to escalate to name calling.

that being said, Brown's views regarding torture have little to do with anything. this is a minor issue and shouldn't (and is not) on top of washington's agenda right now. the main issue here was the healthcare bill. with brown as senator, the "repugicans" (as you call us) now have enough votes for a filibuster. as for my "psychic gift of precognition" concerning healthcare, its not a guess, its failure and inefficeny is unevitable. how about the recent cash for clunkers program? an estimated 1/2 a million cars were traded in and less than 2% resulted in the dealerships geting reimbursed for them. or medicare part d? when it was introduced in 2006, out of the 7 million people eligible, only 661,000 signed up. the reason? it's long, complicated and not user friendly at all. and this is only part of a plan. i would hate to see how bad they'll screw up healthcare. if they couldnt take care of 7 milion people, how do you expect them to cover 300 million? sorry for taking a while to answer you, ive been busy.


Fishing413 said...

I had my say and ate it too, considering I voted for Martha :/