Friday, January 29, 2010


Things are getting frenetic. Time seems to be in such short supply lately.

In my neck of the woods, many long standing norms and predictable avenues feel like they have become volatile and taken on extremes.

Things seem more precarious lately, like all could be lost at any moment.

For me, some of the happiest personal moments in recent memory have coincided with some of the worst. And the pairing of the two have at times brewed up difficult schisms of high anxiety and confounding uncertainty.

Tape to that unwieldy package the wider uncertainties of the troubled economy -which has already chewed up some close friends of mine in the most unwarranted and impassive ways- and further left me wondering when my own economic number might be up.

High insecurity indeed.

By and large, I instinctivley eschew change. But a river of it is always swirling past; threatening to deepen and strengthen into a torrent at any moment.

Time for a break. A little time away to recalibrate. And tommorrow, we cut out for warmer climates.

We'll be posting, twittering and facebooking as we go, so you're invited to come along.

Hopefully we'll find some kind of purpose zen in the Sunshine State...


Mary E.Carey said...

LOVE the last shot and all your iPhone photos. Lucky you going to Florida!

Tony said...

Thanks Mary! Not sure about lucky, they're calling for a lot of cloudy skies and rain...but WARM cloudy skies and rain...

Anonymous said...

yeah, you are lucky. you just missed a storm back up here. and its like -5 degrees right now. we would only be so lucky to have a chance of clouds lol.