Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crowd Scenes

We didn't see the Northampton Pride parade Saturday afternoon, though we did swing through town later in the day, and stopped by to check out the festival. It was an overcast day, a little cool, and the crowd had probably thinned out by the time we got there, about 3:45 pm.

Some of the speakers were bearing their souls or rallying their compatriots with poetry, like these two,

or, some took a lighter tack, and simply demanded "More Boobie".

Barack and wait... well, Barack was there.

Music was a prominent feature of the festival, with singing acts coming up between speakers. All the musical groups and speakers had someone on the side of the stage with sign language for the hearing impaired. I've never seen sign language put to music before:

The smell of barbecue and spicy foods hung in the air.

Leeds Elementary school was represented. They had a neat little machine lofting the bubbles into the air.

These kids were having a grand time trying to juggle.

A small 360 video of the area in front of the stage, and some inspirational singing.

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