Monday, May 12, 2008

The Political Trail

After a fine Mother's Day lunch with the family, my sister joined us for a bike ride on the Norwottuck Rail Trail. On the way we saw plenty others with the same idea.

Things are looking pretty lush and green right now, and the trail bridge has just about fully regrown it's beautiful sheath of foliage. The trail itself is also shrouded again.

It was such a nice afternoon for riding, we decided to ride the whole trail, without actually deciding on it.

Somewhere on the trail we found ourselves enthralled in political debates, at an average 9 MPH. Every one's got an opinion, and no place is to good to spew it. My kid, the junior conservative, teamed up with Kelly the pragmatist, and they both piled on my sister, the irredeemable liberal, who stood her ground valiantly under the assault. I tried to stay neutral as best I could:

After a rousing couple miles of pedalling and pedantry, we exhausted ourselves, and stopped to look around us. We looked out over the beautiful wetlands at the Station Road end of the trail, that were quietly slipping by.

Theresa keenly picked something out of this scene:

A Heron, almost exactly the same color as his surroundings.

It was cool, we all agreed...

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