Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fungus, And Other Beautiful Things

All the rain this summer has created ideal conditions for mushrooms. Here's a sampling of the many varieties we came across on our walk Saturday, in the wet woods of the Chesterfield Gorge area:

I don't know too much about mushrooms and fungi, but I know enough about the natural world to know that if it's bright and colorful, it's probably dangerous. We made sure not to touch these glaring yellow examples:

I'm not sure what category of dangerousness metallic colors fall into, but I gave this one a wide berth anyway.

Over in the Deciduous world, I have to say I was a little crest fallen when I found this acorn; a portent of things to come...

Is Summer almost over...already..?

On the way home, we got kind of lost, kind of on purpose, and found ourselves on high country roads.

The scenery is beautiful in the Chesterfield, Huntington, Worthington areas. That is, if you could see the scenery.

We took a correct wrong turn, and came by a beautiful little farm high up on Walnut Hill, in Chesterfield.

It was getting late. The shadows were getting long, and there was the slightest chill in the air. It was time to head back down the twisting roads over the foothills, and back into the warm arms of the Pioneer Valley.

Always good to be back home.


Tommy said...

What, no psylocybin?

Dude, you have evolved into a master photographer!

Anonymous said...


have been following you around westmass for sometime now. dh and i frequent similar haunts being great lovers of pedaling and paddling. also have a couple dogs that we take out for off leash hikes whenever we can. love your blog, great photography and 'homey' writing style.

thanks for my daily entertainment :) roma

....back to lurking....

Mary E.Carey said...

Tom's right! Love the photo with the clouds reflected on the hood of the car.

Tony said...

Thanks guys. If Psylocybin grew in these woods, I think a lot more of today's youth would be taking an interest in the great outdoors..!