Sunday, August 10, 2008

Littleville, In The Hills

My friend Tom Daponde was up in Huntington Saturday. He dropped his girlfriend Judy off at a wedding shower, and was going to spend some time fishing at Littleville Lake. He invited us up there to join him for a cast or two.

I had brought my kayak up here a couple years ago, and fished all around. I remember the middle of the lake gets pretty deep. No boat handy, so we picked a spot on the banks down near the dam itself.

The water is very clear, with little or no vegetation. These snails are further proof:

Though scenic, we soon summised we probably weren't in the best fishing spot on the lake. Several nightcrawlers sent out to reconnoiter confirmed this. It's a huge lake, no sense for a fish to hang out down in the clear shallows. This lake is best fished from a boat out over the deeper areas, or way up along the more sheltered banks, I reckon'.

A good time hanging out anyway; I said it before, it's not just about catching fish...

We packed up after a while, and head out to explore Huntington, as we rarely get out this way. The first stop was the nearby Huntington Country Store, to get something to drink.

They had drinks, and just about anything else you could imagine. Below is just one small corner of one small room out of many, in this fully loaded general store. Good ice cream too, by the way...

On into Huntington center, which is really just a one-way street that wraps around a small triangular common. Small but nice, with some historic old buildings along its edge.

There is a restaurant called 4 Main St. there which seems to be a large draw to this rural town. People were coming and going the whole time we were there.

Other businesses were more casual. Like a used books store nearby, which is open "By Chance or Appointment"

A gift shop across the way.

The annual Westfield River Races start from near this bridge. It's a big event, and the oldest such race in the country. Every year I've been meaning to check it out, but unfortuntately every year I miss it for one reason or another. Maybe next year...

This guy was kicking back...enjoying the rural.

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