Friday, September 5, 2008

The Cutting Room Floor

Submitting some recent pictures that didn't make it into any posts, for your perusal...

Long shadows on Route 47 in Hadley.

Graffiti for the bold.

Playing with road-rash.

My vote for one of the best scenes in the valley; along Route 63 in Leverett...

Peace and aid to Africa, via vegetable sales in Williamsburg...

Marking your territory.

Moocher in the McDonald's Drive-thru.

The Toy Box in Amherst, where we picked up a neat little guitar and some blocks for my niece and nephew's combined birthday party last weekend.

Part of the Springfield Business Improvement District's plans are weekly outdoor concerts downtown.

North End cruising.

Towering above the landscape.

And another night in Northampton.

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