Friday, December 21, 2007

Mooooo-ve It

Oreo Cows in Ludlow. The little ones have half the calories!

(nutritional content provided by Tom Daponde and Judy)

Coming back from Agawam, about four-ish, I found I-91 completely jammed up. Probably a combination of the approaching Friday rush hour, and the approaching Christmas shopping deadline. I veered off onto the downtown exit into Springfield, thinking I could cleverly bypass the fools parked on the highway. Nope. Apparently I wasn't the only one with that plan. I was in another traffic jam before I even got off the ramp. And so began the 35-40 minute test of patience, just to get a mile or so down East Columbus Ave.

Udder gridlock.

We all crawled along, stopping more than moving. I noticed a lot of drivers gesturing at the 'bad' drivers ahead of them, and shaking their heads. It reminded me of a George Carlin bit, where he wondered why the drivers in front of you are always idiots, and the ones behind you are always a-holes.

I'd been looking up every side street, to Main st., as we'd pass them. Earlier it had looked just as gridlocked, but now it seemed like it had cleared up some. The road is always greener on the other block. I decided to make my move, turned on to one of the side streets, and dashed for Main St.

Nope. It was just an illusion. A mirage. I resigned myself to just go with the flow, however slow.

I grabbed the camera, and snapped off a few pics as we passed Court Square. Not a moment is wasted, when you've got a blog to feed:

Traffic finally cleared up by the time I got to Tower Square and beyond.

Aaaaah. Freedom of movement.

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