Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yankee Doodle/ Lemon Lavender

Ok, final installment of Saturday's local-business-blitz; We wrapped up the day with a visit to Yankee Candle on Rte. 5 in Deerfield.

The candle-making-megaplex was lit up, very impressively. Very impressively.

The walkway all along the front of the building is decked with dozens of Christmas trees set up by the various departments and shifts working in this huge store.

Someone's got a bit of a Hasselhoff problem...

Yankee Candle is set up as a year round Christmas village. It's always busy in there, but really busy during the fall, and REALLY busy during Christmas. The inside is split up into themed areas.

There's a medieval Bavarian Village with tudor type buildings and other 'medieval' stuff.

A Santa's workshop and toy factory, where kids are lined up around the block to visit Santa.

A Black Forest village, full of neat little miniature houses, with incredible detail.

Oh yeah, and did I mention candles?

It's the world's largest candle store. Right here in Deerfield.

There's all sorts of stuff in there, they even have their own furniture department. There's a candle making museum, an eatery, and a Candle Mountain Lodge, with animatrons playing banjo. Really, think about it, what more could you possibly want?

We bought this little ornament there... remind us of our Farmer's rescue, earlier in the day.

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