Thursday, December 13, 2007

Have You Hugged Your Truck Lately?

Well, I asked for it.

The first snowflakes began gently, disarmingly floating down at about 11:30 a.m. By 1:30 it was falling at a good pace.

By 2:30 it was almost a blizzard. Traffic was jammed up everywhere. The dog was careful to allow for enough braking distance, as he made his way through town.

Luck favors the prepared.

Along with my regular shoveling responsibilities, there's an old plow truck we have, that needs to be fired up, and a couple of parking lots that need to be cleared.

Just as it was getting dark, the motor stalled when the plow went high into a snowbank. Turning the key, the engine eeked out that disheartening whirrr, whirr, whir, click of a near dead battery. Climbing over the snowbank, about 4 inches of snow needed to be cleared off the hood so it would open, before fearlessly (read stupidly) grabbing and pulling at the battery cables with my wet hands, checking for a loose connection. After really doing nothing but risking electrocution, I climbed back in the cab and gave it another try. Whir...whir...(come on baby)...whirr...(pleeease!)...(come on)..whirr, click VROOOM! Yes! Yeessss! It's the little victories.

I'd like to say the truck will be better prepared for the next snow storm, but that might just be this coming weekend, if the forecasters are right...

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