Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back In The Arms Of The Valley

Good to be back.

Mostly. I think. Pretty sure.

Well we're back, anyway.

It was a good trip down to the southern seas, and I took a lot of pictures. It's really gorgeous down there. We saw and did a lot of stuff, and met some interesting characters. I have to sift through all the pics and find some bloggable ones to show. I think I'll do a "Why We Cruise" series, and post them over the next few days, along with my regular posts.

Time to unpack, and maybe go outside a little bit to get re-acclimated to these northern climes.

Here's a little take-off and landing video though, to get ready for the coming pics...


Mary E.Carey said...

Yay, you're back and what fine weather we're having today to provide contrast. I'm really looking forward to your photos!

kid said...

welcome back.
kelly was wrong.
it rained and sleeted on and off all week. you picked a good week to go for a cruise.

Tony said...

Chris, I heard about the rain, it was definitely a good week to be gone...(and it's good to see you keeping your comment under a PG-13 rating!)

Mary, it's back to reality for me!