Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Wow, easily the crappiest day so far this year, weather-wise. Maybe the crappiest in a year's time.

Anyone who had to shovel this slop this morning, I feel your pain. Nothing quite like icy cold drenching rain running down your back through soaked clothes, as you nearly pop a vertabrae trying to move ultra-heavy wet winter slush.

My Friend Tom Berry just called me, and asked what I was doing exactly a week ago. Well, let's see...Oh yeah, I was floating around on my stomach, playfully trying to catch colorful little fish, darting around coral covered rocks in warm, clear, sun-sparkled salt water. Why do you ask?

The slightest twist of fate would have sufficed to sent my ancestors just a few more degrees south, and I wouldn't be wringing ice water out of my socks right now...

...I guess I'm just having climate withdrawals.

Being dredged through this muck for half the year only makes you relish the other half more, right?


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LarryK4 said...


That which does not kill you makes you stronger (Even In Amherst)