Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap-Day

Looks like we're going to get drubbed again.

What a winter. This coming storm doesn't bother me like the others did though, for three reasons:

1-Great timing again, falling all night and finishing up Saturday morning. Plenty of time to shovel, ect. and still have the rest of the weekend to get out and enjoy it.

2-It's going to be the white fluffy variety, not the wet heavy rain-on-snow-on-ice stuff.

3-In the bigger scheme, it's almost over. Winter is entering it's death-throes. Can't you feel it? The beast is almost dead. We have survived another onslaught, and are stronger for it. There's a small light in the distance, slowly brightening. We've already caught a whiff of spring and- well, you get my point.

We went up to Northampton this evening to eat, and laugh in the face of the coming storm.

Fitzwilly's again, one of my favorite places to eat, especially when we get window seats. It's great munching and watching people wearing fedoras walking by.

Fitzwilly's is crawling with odd stuff to look at. Like these cool lights coming up through the floor.

Back outside, the snow was piling up fast. This lady danced defiantly under Old Man Winter's fury.

He almost did get the last laugh though. It got a little tricky driving home down the unlit, yet to be plowed back roads. 4x4 country. (snort).

Thankfully, the snow lightened up considerably, south of the Holyoke Range. But it's going to be falling all night...

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