Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rolling Into The Future

Pulling into the Ace Hardware parking lot in Agawam, I noticed someone had misplaced their rollerskate.

On closer inspection, I saw that it was a ' smart ' car. specifically, a ' smart fortwo '.

The car is a joint venture between Mercedes (how unlikely); and Swatch, the watch maker (how very likely).

Technically, it's got a one liter, three cylinder motor, pumping out 70 horses. Basically a four wheeled, covered motorcycle. It gets a claimed 33/41 mileage, and can get up to speedy 90mph.

Really, what more does the average daily commuter need? If you don't feel comfortable on a motorcycle or scooter, well, here you go. Think about an America with these things scurrying about everywhere. There'd be so much less congestion, so less polution, so much easier parking. And above all it would probably kick Exxon and the Arabs right in the crotch. I've heard these types of cars are becoming all the rage elswhere in the world. They're selling in 36 countries. This is the first of it's type to be marketed here, there are other brands on the way.

Will they succeed here in the USA; home of the 3 ton suburban battle tank?

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