Friday, February 15, 2008

My Blue Heaven

Some pics from my travels around Springfield today....

I suppose this is as close as dealing with a live person as you can expect these days:


I unknowingly had the wrong 'white balance' set on the camera, giving the following pics a weird bluish hue. Doh! Oh for the days of point & click photography...It's hard to be a gunslinger when you have 20 different knobs and latches to check or adjust on your sidearm every time you shoot.
The blue-hue gave the basketball hall of fame an even more alien appearance, coming down Belmont Ave. in Springfield.

I wonder how old this sign is. Judging from the hairstyles, I'd say this sign was put up circa 1981.

Thought it was odd how this railroad crossing had no blinking lights or barriers in place. The train just coasted right across the was going pretty slow, but still, there's some ingredients for disaster.

I recently saw a program on train/car/ pedestrian collisions. You'd think only a deaf dumb and blind person wouldn't see something that big coming, but it's amazing how often it happens. I know a couple people who actually hit a train with their car in Palmer, back when I was a teen. I don't know what they were doing, but they came to a screeching halt at the last second, and skidded right into the train, just close enough for the front of the car to hit it, and turn the car sideways. The hair raising experience was totally their own fault. Not the least of reasons was there was a little alchohol involved, suprising as that may seem...

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