Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bicycle Chains and Trains

In Northampton yesterday I saw one of the ubiquitous "Pedal People" hauling some trash away with their bicycle.

A "human-powered delivery and hauling service for the Northampton, Massachusetts area", these people will haul away your trash, deliver your groceries, even do your yard work (with hand tools and non- engine push mowers). They can haul up to 300 lbs. of stuff rain or shine, sun or snow. Making the world just a little cleaner.

Here's their website, should you need their services:

Fresh Acres Market in the Sixteen Acres section of Springfield is geared up and ready for the season.
Fresh Acres is a concept store owned by Big Y, two years in the making. Fresh and all natural food is the main emphasis, with organic food also strongly represented. It has a neat, wide open produce section at the entrance, wide open meaning no doors to pass through.

I had to start work earlier than usual this morning, but it gave me a chance to see the sunrise, probably the last one for a while, as a cool, cloudy, wet weather pattern is supposed to sit on us for the next few days. Still pretty though.

This train came barrelling at me as I waited at a stop light on a bridge. There's something about trains that still mesmerise me. (Sorry, no sound, you'll have to imagine the rumble).

It'd be nice if we 'regressed' a bit and there were more trains hauling stuff and people, and less trucks and cars on the road. I suppose that wouldn't be too practical with today's 'gimme now/gimme quick' mentality.

I guess that's why there's something to be said for the Pedal People.


Mary E.Carey said...

You get the most beautiful pictures of clouds! We got back from Amsterdam last night. You wouldn't believe all the people on bikes, carrying huge boxes, talking on their cellphones, toting two or more kids at a time! And no helmets. It was amazing. The pedal people would fit right in.

Tony said...

Welcome back to the Grand Ol' USA!...Yes it's amazing what people are capable of when they're not being hoodwinked into driving battle tanks.