Friday, October 26, 2007

Heavy Drizzle

The first signs of the approaching weather front this morning...

Sure enough, rain by late evening.

That didn't stop us or anyone else from going out, though.

We had dinner at Fitzwilly's in Northampton, and scored window seats.

Chicken Picata for her...

And (surprisingly) steak and cheese with big fat fries for me.

De-licious, and the service was right on. Good stuff.

Then we sat out front of Starbucks and had a coffee.
Ruminating on the light rain, or heavy drizzle. Easy going night.


kid said...

take the picture of me with the bloody knee under the blog counter off right now! i mean it too! i have 2 whole boxes of those string noise maker things i can tie to doors and stuff still and i will use them if you dont take it off!

Mary E.Carey said...

Love the photo looking out the window at the rainy street.