Saturday, October 27, 2007

Meat Market

We went up to Arnold's Meats in East Longmeadow to restock our freezer.

Arnold's has the BEST prices for meat and poultry around. Period. They also have Turkey and fish.

Would this guy lie?

The "People Pleasin' Place". (The animals might have a different take on that).

They also have another Arnold's (the original, I think) in Chicopee.

This horse reminds me of one photographed by Bill Dusty of The Springfield Intruder at the Big E last month.

to wit:

On the way back we stopped to check out the scene of a massive fire that occurred here in East Longmeadow, about a month ago. It was an upscale retirement complex, still under construction, called BlueBird Estates. You might recall hearing about the retirement complex, 130 units in all, that were ablaze around midnight September 26. The fire was was huge.

They have someone guarding the area now, 24/7 I would assume. This security guard sprung into action when I approached. He only allowed me as far as a barricade fence.

It was later found that arsonists had set the fire with gasoline. The fire was set one day before sprinkler systems in the $13 million complex were scheduled to be installed. The FBI even got involved.

It must still be under investigation, the buildings appear to be left standing the way they were after the fire.

The individual apartments were going to be rented for $1800 - $3600 per month.

Well, so much for that.

The 41 acres that the complex was on, was part of a farm across the street called BlueBird Acres. That orchard and farm store closed down in 2003. It's land partitioned and sold off.

It was pretty popular in it's day, along the lines of Atkins Farm in Amherst or Randall's Farm in Ludlow. Gone gone gone.

Did a double-take as we passed this house...

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Mary E.Carey said...

What a funny idea for a Halloween decoration. Is is plumber's pumpkins?