Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rah Rah in the Night

Passed this billboard today that is getting a lot of attention on local news and radio. Some people aren't very happy the anti gay-marriage proposal was defeated.

McDonald's on Memorial Drive in Chicopee has got a brand new look. I think I saw one like this in Enfield also.

After work today I ran up to Northampton on the motorcycle to meet a friend on his bike. We stopped on Main St. but found no parking available. So, we took a quick ride around the block to look for one. As we came back around, suddenly out of nowhere, a parade appeared.

I asked a couple people in the crowd what was going on. It seems Northampton High School was doing some kind of Senior Week activity. All four grades apparently competing with each other for points in various contests, this one involving the best parade float. (This is second-hand info, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about it).

The Seniors had some kind of 'Wild Card' theme, with four cards on the back of their float saying 2008. Some members of the Football team gave speeches on the steps of Town Hall to the roaring crowd.

The Juniors went with an impressive medieval theme, with a castle and knights. Looked funny parked in front of the Town Hall, which also looks like a castle.

Not sure what the sophomores were doing, but it involved a big rocket and several of the students taped up or painted in black.

The young freshmen of course were the idealistic ones with a 60's themed 'Peace' float.

The Freshmens' float made me remember a quote, widely attributed to Winston Churchill:

"If you're not Liberal when you're 25, you have no heart.

If you're not Conservative when you're 35, you have no brain."

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