Friday, October 5, 2007

Nature vs. Trailers

Here are some pics from Greenfield this week:

This sign must have been from the same decade as the famous "Ms. Florence" sign in Noho.

It'd be nice if they refurbished it. An icon from the Golden Age of coin operated laundry.

This is one of several huge Sugar Maples in front of the Four Rivers Charter School.

Seems a lot of towns these days are making a lot of fuss over developing their riverfronts. More power to them. Greenfield is no exception. The town has several groups working on plans to develop the Green River waterfront. Plans include making it a connector between neighborhoods by building bike and walking paths. Also are plans to increase kayaking, rafting and swimming. Even fish ladders are being considered.

Key to the planning is developing this former trailer park, Wedgewood Gardens.

The river flooded the park during fierce downpours almost exactly two years ago, wrecking 40 homes. All that's left now is the concrete slabs the mobile homes used to rest on. Greenfield has since acquired the property and the general plan is to turn this 15 acres of riverfront into 'Green River Gateway Park'.

Some people organized a clean up of this section of the river recently.

Here's some more info on their proposed developments:

This one's a PDF:

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