Monday, March 3, 2008

Bark Park

The Trouble With Min-Pins

We brought the Yap-O-Matic up to the dog park in Northampton, as we felt he was due for some socializing among his own kind.

Maybe it would make him less of a tiny terror, we hoped.

Boy were we wrong. Witness these three episodes:

He left a wake of disconcerted and dazed canines of all stripes and size by the time we finished the trail loop. He did soften up a little and make a couple friends toward the end, but I think it's because he was finally getting tired of bullying everyone.

He's about eleven pounds or so of fearlessness. I don't know what goes on in his tiny walnut sized brain, but I've seen him challenge rottweilers that would eat him in one snapping mouthful, if they wanted. If ever a dog was due for a reality check, he's it.

The trail itself is a nice one, winding along the Mill river, and through some open woods, then along the edge of a big field.

Whispers Of Spring

Along the trail we saw burgeoning signs of life...

A small group of Cedar Wax-Wings stopped in a nearby tree for a few minutes...

We caught sight of these two guys later, as we headed back home...

It won't be long until everything's green again.

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