Friday, March 21, 2008

Do A Little Jig

The Droogs managed to come together again, for dinner and drink. This time we met up at an interesting little Irish Pub, disguised as this unassuming house:

O'Driscoll's Pub and Restaurant in Wilbraham.

We had some delicious fish and chips (Catholic guilt mandated that I eat fish on Good Friday). And beer. I believe 'Steel Rail' was the name of the liquid gorilla that mauled me.
The place was pretty lively, packed with diners and drinkers. A little into the evening, a two man band appeared, and churned out some great Irish dittys. To wit (however darkly):

The Irish love their beer. This bar has apparently caught the notice of the uppers at Guinness, and has been chosen as an honorary site for their famous 'Great Guinness Toast' for at least two years. The plaques claim the bar was chosen for it's "Outstanding fellowship, congenial atmosphere, and exceptionally fine pints."

Aye, agreed.

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