Thursday, March 20, 2008


Happy Vernal Equinox, we made it through. It only gets better from here, weather-wise. The days now officially longer than the nights; and it won't be long before all is alive and bustling again.

The Full Moon was rising right next to the Summit House on Mount Holyoke as we drove by...

This month's full moon has the unfortunate name of the "Worm" moon. I know, first reaction is 'Ick'. But the lowly worm does have an important part to play in the coming explosion of greenery, (not to mention the coming explosion of 'bait' -ery).

It's probably going to be a belt-tightening year for most people, as evidenced by these organic milk prices:

I drink milk, and how. Luckily I'm not hooked on the organic variety. I just wonder if the regular stuff will reach those highs. Necessities like milk, bread and food of all kinds, gasoline; all skyrocketing and threatening to put a crimp on the more extravagant fun this year. But hey, it doesn't necessarily take much money to have a good year.

The Worm Moon guided us home, free of charge.

Here's to a healthy and happy Spring and Summer...

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Mary E.Carey said...

Gorgeous sky photos, your specialty, I think.