Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Thought I Saw A Thaw

Getting ready for the season...

Besides the sight of tractors on the move, tilling the now unfrozen soil, a lot of smoke can be seen rising here and there as people do some controlled burning of their land.

Back at home, still no unusual migratory birds stopping in at this rest stop. The usual Juncos and Goldfinches (whose colors are beginning to brighten), were filling up on some thistle I had out there.

A Nuthatch and a Wren were taking stabs at some suet in another feeder nearby, until some sparrows arrived and busted up the party.

They say some inclement weather is coming up on Friday. But it doesn't sound like anything to be too worried about. The worst appears to be behind us, but I can remember a surprise late season snowstorm or two in years past. I'm not counting my chickens until about the third week of April.

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