Friday, March 14, 2008

Low Pressure System

Businesses are beginning to retrench. Like Rugg lumber closing two of it's satellite branches, in Granby and Ware.

Or like Walmart changing it's mind about building a super center in Hadley (which was incidentally also a victory for the local environmentalists long fighting the expansion). In Northampton, a couple businesses are calling it quits, like Claytopia, which surprisingly is having a closing sale.

This store, called Just Because, has been having a closing sale for a little while. It looks like it's just about empty, and the owner can 'Move to the Caribbean' as he stated on a poster out front. He did, thoughtfully, make use of the empty store window, displaying posters and info of famous and influential black leaders.

On the up side economy-wise, when we went to Northampton to have some dinner Friday night, we found traffic jams getting into town at 7:30 pm. The place was hopping. There's still plenty of economy left. We were going to try a little place on Market St. called Joe's, which I heard was good.

Unfortunately for us, the place was standing room only. It must be good, we'll have to try it again next time.Walking around town, we saw this guy, precariously balancing a fast moving sphere around his arms. Proof you don't need a lot of money to have a good time.

Ultimately we decided to head back to Ludlow and get some take out at Tony & Penny's, one of the (deservedly) most famous Portuguese restaurants in Western Mass.

Dee-licious... and affordable.


Mary E.Carey said...

Thanks for the recommendation of the Portugese restaurant. I've never been to one.

Tony said...

It's a very good one, it's on Canturbury st.. Another, if you find yourself in Ludlow, is called Primaveira's, on East st. The excellent chef there used to work at my dad's. And of course my dad's (now my uncle's) old restaurant, called Mateus Place, on Worcester St. All very good.

Try the Shrimp Mozambique!

AdamH said...

Love Mateus and the flaming chorizo! And the pork and clam stew... and the good Portuguese wine... My coworkers and I go there from time to time after work.