Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eyes Up Front

I had to attend a training class for work today down in East Hartford. It was a typical presentation. The speaker used a laptop computer to display charts, graphs, and everything else he could think of that would lull us into a dull sleepy haze, onto a large screen. It's the modern day version of the overhead/slide projector.

Actually, the speaker did a great job, and was pretty funny. But the whole class was 8 hours long, and it couldn't be helped but get pretty tedious at some points. One interesting twist, though. He spiced up the seminar during breaks with clips from YouTube.

From the final minutes of the Superbowl, to a Godzilla music video, to Speed Racer, to a hilarious Office Linebacker video:

It's a revolution in seminar technology. A few more videos and I might have been able to stop doodling...

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