Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Cat's Brass

My friend Tom Berry managed to rope a group of us together, for a dinner in Easthampton Friday night. We met up at Nini's Italian Cuisine, on Cottage St. (Rte. 141) going through town.

The owner of Nini's used to also own the famous Red Rose restaurant on Main St. in Springfield, if I heard the story correctly. Nini's is a cozy little Italian joint, with an authentic flare you pick up on before you even get inside.

Nicely decorated, there are big Italian murals on the walls, and jazzy music playing softly in the background. It was a warm comfortable setting, and the service was excellent.

The food and drink flowed easily. Everyone ordered something different, and we were all quite satisfied with our selections. There was even some cross-plate sampling going on, and "Here, you gotta try this", always a sign of great food being served. Kelly and I had already eaten not too long ago, so we just had some appetizers (excellent clams and buffalo wings). Kelly had some tiramisu for dessert, at the suggestion of another customer sitting nearby.

After the meal, we walked a short distance down the road, for some cocktails at the Brass Cat pub.

A corner bar with a good selection of brews, pool table, and a stage for occasional live performances. We've been here a few times, since one of my friends lives nearby. Always had a good time, and the clientele always seems cool.

We found ourselves a nice big round corner table; and whiled away the rest of the evening with some laughs, conversation, and 'spirited' was a good night.

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