Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Target Shooting

Still getting used to the new camera and it's capabilities...

Some tricks I learned today:

How to focus on something up close, and leave the background fuzzy:

Super Ultra Mega Zoom Long Distance Shot:

Close up, in-yo'-face rust:

Straight Up Artsy Fartsy:

Bird Action Pics:

Alien space capsule, crash landed in the woods:

Pics of Questionable Meaning and Relevance (I know, they're all like that):

And finally, the sunset pics:

The more I use this new camera, the more I'm liking it. It's bulky, a little brick-shaped and just barely squeezes into my belt-mounted camera case. But it's quick, accurate, and has a long range. That could come in handy.


Mary E.Carey said...

Wow, you plus a fancy camera = watch out!

Tony said...

Ehh, it'll be the same old stuff, just more megapixelly...