Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get Your Kicks

Pretty much overcast all day, the sun teased a little, in a feeble attempt to light up Mount Tom, then hurried back into the clouds.

Getting off the highway in Northampton I went through town. The program on the radio was pretty good, so the drive continued. On to Route 66, west.

These kids had the right idea.

It's been years since I went sledding. I've got to try it again. It's like instant age reducer.

A little further on, there's this unusual colored barn.

Pulling over for a pic, the barn's resident soon came trotting over to see just what the heck I thought I was doing.

Following 66 for a ways further to the the border with Westhampton, there's this cool little stream, half frozen despite it's fast current.

It was beginning to get dark, so I began kinda sorta heading back, towards Easthampton. Passing some farmland on the left, there was a stunning view of the Mt. Tom/ Holyoke ranges in the distance.

The views must be magnificent on a clear summer day. On the other side, Mt. Pomeroy can be seen very close nearby. It's recognizable by it's 'receding hairline' of trees at the summit.

This mountain and Mt. Tom stare at each other across Easthampton. The view from it must be great. I've been wanting to climb this mountain for some time. But every time I've been in the area, it's always been too late in the day. One rainy afternoon I found a back road that went very near the top, but it was so muddy, and getting so dark, I had to turn around for fear of getting stuck there all night. It's beginning to become something of a White Whale for me. I have to climb it this year. Why are the trees are so unusually thin on top? Is it private property, and the owners keep it cleared? Or is it just some happenstance of nature? The answer will be had this year...

I looped back north toward Northampton where, coffee in hand, I took a little walk around.

It's good to see that the lights are on at the Pleasant St. Theater, and it's back in business.

It's been taken over by Amherst Cinema, a fact that pinches the nerves of some Northampton residents according to the Masslive forums. Some people would have preferred the Academy of Music, in town, had taken over. Either way, it's good that it's still open.

Hopefully, they'll keep showing the more 'independent' movies, as they have in the past...

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