Monday, January 14, 2008

White Out


A near perfect snowstorm. Just light enough, just sticky enough, just deep enough to transform everything. The amazing thing this time was it's thoroughness. Not only was everything covered in snow, it was all so thoroughly covered, even if you peer deep in the woods, that everything almost looked like it was made of snow.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to get out and just enjoy it. It would have been great to get out into the woods today. But here's a few more pics of the white wonderland, from the road...

The south end bridge, into Agawam.

The beautiful tree lined streets of Longmeadow, awash in white.

The sticky snow gave the utility companies plenty to do. They were all over the place, fixing power and transmission lines weighed down by the snow.

The storms just keep coming. Definitely one of the prettiest winters in recent memory.

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